The history of the Besfords

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  • Besford Highwaymen

    Besford Highwaymen

    Two brothers, George Besford and Thomas Besford were tried at the Old Bailey in London on 7th September 1768. They were charged with Theft with Violence: Highway Robbery.

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  • Ted Besford

    Ted Besford

    Edward Besford (28 June 1915 – 12 July 1978) was the son of David Besford (1897-1991) and Rhoda Besford (née Websell). He was born in Northumberland, UK and moved to Australia aged 10. He went on to be an Australian rules footballer and cricketer.

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  • Peter Besford (skipper)

    Peter Besford (skipper)

    Peter Besford, of 8 Clifford Drive, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, was the skipper of the Suffolk Kinsman trawler.

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  • Koni Besford

    Koni Besford

    Koni Besford is a DJ and producer. He was born on 31 January 1988 in Albania, and moved to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy as a child.

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  • Samson Besford

    Samson Besford

    Joseph “Samson” Besford lived at 24 Henry Street in Hendon, Sunderland. A self-styled strongman, Samson’s hobby was collecting and lifting mangles.

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  • David Besford (skipper)

    David Besford (skipper)

    David Besford was the skipper of the St. Patrick trawler in Lowestoft.

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  • Criminal Besfords who were transported to Australia

    Thomas Besford Thomas Besford was convicted at Shropshire Assizes in 1818 and sentenced to 14 years. He was one of 300 convicts transported to Australia on board the Baring, departing in December that same year. He arrived in New South Wales on 26th June 1819. John Besford John Besford was convicted and sentenced to life…

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  • Percy Besford (skipper)

    The 1944 King’s Birthday Honours, celebrating the official birthday of King George VI, were announced on 2 June 1944. Skipper Percy Robert Smith Besford, RNR, 3475 W.S. (Lowestoft) was Mentioned in Despatches.

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  • Besford Boys

    The Besford Boys was a name given to a group of North East children who were sent by Sunderland Council in the 1940s and 50s to attend schools run by the Roman Catholic Church.

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  • Sheri Besford

    Sheri Besford

    Sheri Besford led the communications team at BDP, a major international practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists, for many years.

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