The history of the Besfords

Besford & Croome reunion videos

Visitors walking around Besford Court as part of a reunion

YouTuber RWvideoproductions has uploaded videos of a number of reunions of former pupils of Besford Court School and Croome Court School.

He described the 2012 video as follows:

On Saturday 7 July 2012, a group of ex-pupils from what once were Besford Court School and Croome Court School, joined together for there first reunion since both schools were closed and sold off. 

The ex-pupils were able to share memories of good times and bad. Looking around both sites, they were able to recall where the different rooms were located during their time at Besford and Croome. It was quite an emotional journey into the past, not only for the ex-pupils, but also for me as an ex-staff member at Besford Court between 1989 and 1996 when Besford finally closed as a school. 

Richard Wooding

The 2012 video in particular shows ex-pupils looking around the Besford Court site.

Croome Ex Pupils Reunion 2019
Besford & Croome Reunion 2017
Croome & Besford School Reunion 2016
Besford & Croome School Reunion 2014
Besford & Croome Reunion 2012

3 responses to “Besford & Croome reunion videos”

  1. Never had much of problem with Bedford court but croome court was a different kettle of fish the cruelty that existed at that school was beyond belief i am now 76 years old now i will take the conviction that the qualifications for a nun was the profound hatred of children a belief that will stay with me til the day i die.

    • I am also 76yo and was at Croome Court and Besford Court around about 1956 to 1966 . Yes I also had a hard time with one Nun at Croome but overall most were Ok . I was the pupil who used the knitting machine to make the socks for the Nuns to sell and got twopence for each set of socks made. Whelan I have been living in Australia since 1970 and hope one day to get over to the UK and visit my old schools
      Anthony Christopher Whelan

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