The history of the Besfords

Besford family in Australia

The Besford family in Australia can be traced back to David Besford (1897-1991) and Thomas Besford (1899-1994), who emigrated from England to Australia in the 1920s.

Prior to this, between 1818-1833, three Besfords were transported from England to Australia as convicts.

Family of David Besford (1897-1991) and Rhoda Barkwell Websell

Rhoda Barkwell Websell

Rhoda Besford (1922-)

Irene Besford (1923-)

Sylvia Besford

Family of Edward (Ted) Besford (1915 – 1978) and Mavis Jenkins

Graham Besford

Barbara Besford

Stephen Besford

Family of Irene Besford and Roy Boston

Family of Thomas Besford (1899-1994) and Alice Dodds

Alice Dodds (1901-1986)

Alf Besford

Ronald Besford

Mary Besford

David Besford

Family of Alf Besford and (1) Dorothy (Susan, Pam, Wendy)

Family of Alf Besford and (2) Judith (Joanne, Ben, Julie)

Family of Ronald Besford and Joyce Watson (Robert J, Roddy, Paul Ronald, Kevin William, Jennifer Joy, Rebecca)

Family of Leon Brewer and Mary Besford

Family of David Besford and (1) Vicki

Family of David Besford and (2) Raelene